Our local municipality,  Upper Allen Township, has eliminated "car washing in a driveway". 

This new ordinance as required by DEP,  has hurt local fund raising efforts for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports clubs, church groups and other non-profit organizations.

We would love to be a part of promoting local organizations and charities through our location. Instead of having a car wash fundraiser in a local businesses parking lot, why not take full advantage of our facilites! You can have full access to our self service bays with all of the soaps and chemicals to clean a lot of cars in little time!

In lieu of your organization selling the typical candy bar where "donors" just buy one, we have a great suggestion in selling our Wash Coupons.  They have retail values of $2.00, $8.00 and $14.00.

We can even have your organization sell gift cards as well! The options are limitless.

We've helped out a local Girl Scout Troop with their cookie sales at our location and they even sold Wash Coupons for more cash to them.  Fill out the form and we'll help your charity too!